Postpartum Services

“It takes a village.” Cliche? yes. true? absolutely.

Om Birth & Postpartum is here to help you and your family ease into the 4th trimester. Whether it be daytime or overnight support, I am here to be another member of your village so you can confidently move through parenthood.

feeding support

Breast or bottle, your doula is here to offer advice, suggestions, and overall support for feeding your baby. As a doula, I am trained on the basics of feeding and have referrals at the ready if further support is needed.

birth story processing

Whatever emotions come up for you while retelling your story, you deserve open ears and validation. Your doula can help answer questions and offer support and advice for postpartum care.

family care

Your doula is also there for the rest of the family. Need some freezer meals prepped? Done. Laundry overflowing? No longer. Drowning in baby bottles? Consider them sterilized and put away. My ultimate goal is to take care of the background stuff so all you have to worry about is baby snuggles.

McKinzey was a wonderful and calming presence during the birth of our son. This was my first pregnancy/delivery and having her as a coach and partner for both myself and my husband provided a huge amount of reassurance for us both. She was a calming and grounding force before, during, and after our delivery. Having the opportunity to meet several times prior to delivery as well as after made our experience with McKinzey so organic and natural. I would recommend her as a birth and postpartum doula. She is wonderful, encouraging, and such an asset to anyone looking for a little extra help with birth or after.

Lesley D.

Let’s see if we’d make a good team.