personalized care and support for your birthing experience

As your doula, I am here to provide you information, support, and comfort during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. During our prenatal visits we discuss your preferences, desires, fears, and hopes. From there I provide you with evidence-based information as we delve into the process of labor, birth, and the 4th trimester. Most importantly, we find what works for you (and doesn’t!) in terms of emotional and physical support. By the time labor begins, you will feel empowered and confident to bring your baby into the world (with your doula by your side every step of the way).

birth doula support


1 two hour prenatal via Zoom

Labor/Birth Support via Zoom, call, and text

Available via call/text/email through 2 weeks postpartum



Motherboard Birth Discount

1 Prenatal Visit

Labor/Birth Support

Available via call/text/email through 4 weeks postpartum



Motherboard Birth Discount

2 Prenatal Visits

Labor/Birth Support

1 Postpartum Visit

Available via call/text/email through 6 weeks postpartum



Motherboard Birth Discount

2 Prenatal Visits

Labor/Birth Support

2 Postpartum Visits

Available via call/text/email through 6 weeks postpartum


I believe everyone should have access to a doula. If the above options and packages don’t work for you, please reach out – I am happy to work with folks to get them the support they need. Most HSA/FSA accounts cover the services of a doula.

Additional Services

Placenta Art

2-4 prints

Pickup/Drop off of Placenta (if keeping) and Prints

Disposal of Placenta if not keeping


Childbirth Ed Basics

1 hour virtually (+$50 in person)

Overview of the anatomy and physiology of labor and birth

Tailored to your top 3 birth preferences as well as your birth space


Birth Planning Support

(This is included in all birth packages)

30-minute phone or Zoom call

Support with developing a birth plan

Follow up email with additional education and resources


birth & postpartum prep

doula care to prepare you for a positive birthing & 4th trimester experience

Want the care of a doula but not necessarily another person in the birthing space? This is for you!

Motherboard Birth Discount

2 Prenatal Visits

Available via call/text/email through 2 weeks postpartum (not labor/birth support)

1 Postpartum Visit


Postpartum Doula support

doula care to ease you into the 4th trimester

Daytime Support *

Care includes: feeding support, birth story processing, infant care, resources and education, errands, light housecleaning (ex: family laundry, cleaning of bottle and pump parts, dishes, wiping counters, etc.), and meal preparation.


*currently only available to birth clients on a limited basis

McKinzey was a wonderful and calming presence during the birth of our son. This was my first pregnancy/delivery and having her as a coach and partner for both myself and my husband provided a huge amount of reassurance for us both. She was a calming and grounding force before, during, and after our delivery. Having the opportunity to meet several times prior to delivery as well as after made our experience with McKinzey so organic and natural. I would recommend her as a birth and postpartum doula. She is wonderful, encouraging, and such an asset to anyone looking for a little extra help with birth or after.

Lesley D.

Let’s see if we’d make a good team