Sibling Doula

Care that extends to the entire family.

Wondering how to care for your older child(ren) while you bring your new baby into the world? A sibling doula can be a fantastic option. As a doula with professional childcare experience, I am here to not only to provide usual care to your child(ren), but also to comfort and educate them during the birthing process. Older children may have lots of questions or fears around birth and that is where a sibling doula steps in.

Prenatal visits

I provide 2 visits with you and your children to discuss how to best support each individual child and to develop a plan for the birth. I will also talk with the child(ren) about what to expect during birth, which can include sharing books, stories, and videos (which will all be discussed with parent(s) prior).

Labor and birth

I will provide continuous care for your child(ren) from when you need me until birth, with the option of calling in a backup after 24 hours. Basic care will be provided (food, naps, etc) as well as information as to what is happening with the birthing parent.

Postpartum visit

Within the first 2 weeks after the birth, I will provide a visit to discuss the birth, answer any questions, and provide breastfeeding support. I will help with the integration of your newest family member and can help the older child(ren) process the birth if desired.

McKinzey was such a source of support for us during the recent birth of our son. She was very calm and encouraging throughout the whole labor and birth. Our birth experience was just what we wanted and McKinzey’s presence was definitely helpful and caring. Like our Midwife said, Doulas are magic! We highly recommend McKinzey.


Let’s see if we’d make a good team.