McKinzey is an outstanding doula! I highly recommend using her due to her expertise, compassion, and ability to authentically connect with families. McKinzey worked with me several months leading up to our delivery. I was so impressed that McKinzey is always in the process of taking a course and learning more about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the 4th trimester and can readily apply that knowledge to her practice. She is transparent about her pricing and is very reasonable for the outstanding care she delivers. McKinzey is very genuine, funny, and has a calming presence. She is non-judgmental about choices and focuses on clients’ preferences. She provided us with helpful tips to prepare for L&D throughout my pregnancy. She labored with us for 24 hours. She was such a great support to my husband by providing him tips on things to try and he leaned heavily on her expertise for helping with my comfort measures. My husband and McKinzey became my team during labor and cheered me on, made me comfortable and ensured my preferences were followed. I cannot stress enough what a great support McKinzey was for my husband and helped him feel empowered during my labor. I was impressed by all the practices McKinzey had in her toolbox to ensure I was comfortable. I pushed for 4 hours and McKinzey was in my ear providing words of empowerment and holding my leg…she’s truly a gift to families. McKinzey is such a professional by meeting families where they at, works well with care providers, and is easy to work with for scheduling. McKinzey did placenta art for us and it turned out beautifully. We are so grateful she was an integral part of our birth story. She helped bring our beautiful baby girl into this world and I can truly say we had a birth experience full of love, laughter, empowerment, and calmness. McKinzey also did a postpartum visit to process the birth of our child. Thank you McKinzey for sharing your gift and beautiful soul – you are so special to us!


McKinzey was recently my doula in May 2021. I can only express positive things about her and her ability to educate, aid, and calm. She was incredibly intentional and made sure to keep in communication with me often throughout my pregnancy, labor, and post birth. Overall, she helped me feel very comfortable during a vulnerable time! Thank you McKinzey! I reflect back on our time with much joy.


McKinzey is an absolutely incredible person and doula. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. She is kind, calm, reassuring, and truly there for you.


My husband and I selected McKinzey as our doula for our son’s birth in October 2019. She was extremely flexible which was awesome because I was a major slacker and didn’t book her until roughly 2-3 weeks before our due date.

She was prompt for our consultation and showed us some comfort techniques to use during early labor at home that were very useful. McKinzey was very responsive to my texts leading up to labor and arrived at the hospital within the quoted amount of time. Her presence was very comforting and we enjoyed having her attend the birth of our son. She used encouraging words and tone through labor and ensured certain requests were honored (i.e. delayed cord clamping). 

Overall, McKinzey was lovely to work with and was very personable making our birth experience perfect. Thank you so much McKinzey! 


McKinzey was such a source of support for us during the recent birth of our son. She was very calm and encouraging throughout the whole labor and birth. Our birth experience was just what we wanted and McKinzey’s presence was definitely helpful and caring. Like our Midwife said, Doulas are magic! We highly recommend McKinzey.


McKinzey was hands down the best doula we could have dreamed of. She was full of information and support before-hand and was instrumental in the labor process going as smoothly as possible. Her style is super calming and we would recommend her to any new couple looking for someone highly capable with a very chill personality. She has tons of tools she shares – she was always there when we reached out and she was immediately available during the labor process.


McKinzey was a wonderful and calming presence during the birth of our son. This was my first pregnancy/delivery and having her as a coach and partner for both myself and my husband provided a huge amount of reassurance for us both. She was a calming and grounding force before, during, and after our delivery. Having the opportunity to meet several times prior to delivery as well as after made our experience with McKinzey so organic and natural. I would recommend her as a birth and postpartum doula. She is wonderful, encouraging, and such an asset to anyone looking for a little extra help with birth or after.